Day 4 Thiksey Monastery and Hemis Monastery

A very supportive monk that Sandra befriended on her previous visit invited us to morning prayer at the monastery. I have never been more excited to wake up at 4am. We listened to a prayer in a cloud of incense at the Temple of the Protector before being part of the morning prayer in the prayer hall. The longer ceremony had chanting and the monks were fed and given butter tea by young monks who were almost as big as the pots and kettles they were carrying. We were offered butter tea, and it will set you up for the day – a salty buttery hot liquid that is common in the Himalayas. After prayer, we took tea and biscuits in the monks prayer room and continued our observations in Thiksey.

In the afternoon we headed to a second monastery, Hemis. Through the rain we explored different temples, and visited an expansive museum. Driving back to town we met members of the Indian reaerch team on the road! It was great to be reunited with Dr Manvi, Lobzang and Tenzin.



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