Day 10 and 11 Stok and Thiksey

After the intense road trip, we had a day without being in a car and pottered around Leh and wrote up our notes. The next day we visited Stok, a monastery that had a museum full of thangkas (prayer on cotton), royal jewellery, domestic objects and weapons. There were some interesting objects on display in the courtyard, including skulls and yak skins used in production of chhaang (home made beer).

Our final research trip to Thikey was a memorable one as we saw it in a new light after visiting other monasteries. We reflected on the journey we had made since arriving in Ladakh and how traces and interconnections were present in our experiences of the monasteries, people and landscape. How all these contemplations will be realised as outcomes of the Things Unbound will be the exciting new chapter in the project!


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