Day 6 trip to Diskit

Road trip! Over four days and three nights we visited more monasteries to contextualise Thiksey and also experienced different places in Ladakh. We drove up the mountains to the ice and snow through the highest motor-able pass in the world (5,359 meters).

We passed through the Nubra Vallery to Sumur Monastery. Along with stunning temples, there many beautiful objects that are part of the daily life of the site, including a traditional lock and key and an innovative looking bell.

The last stop of the day of driving was Diskit Monastery. We scrambled up a hill as the road was being widened for the upcoming visit of the Dali Lama. Once we reached the bottom of the monastery, we climbed up small steps that wound around so the site was slowly revealed. The Protector Temple was particularly striking. Through the dark you could just see parts of statues which were covered with veils as they are too powerful to be exposed apart from at festival times. The monastery has a large Buddha visible from far away, and a small museum that displayed domestic items used to store flour, make rice, boil water, or serve tea.



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