About the team

INDIA TEAM, National Museum Institute, New Delhi

Dr Manvi Seth

Manjari Agrawal


My name is Manjari Agrawal and I am working as a Research Fellow in the Department of Museology, National Museum Institute, New Delhi, India. I obtained my Masters in Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art after graduating in Fine Arts (Painting) from Government College of Art, Chandigarh. I am also a Ph.D scholar at the National Museum Institute and my research topic concerns Preventive Conservation in the context of Indian Museums.

My work in the Museology department involves teaching preventive conservation, research for education & exhibition, content design & illustration, co-ordination for National and International workshops and seminars.

V. Kalyani

Moumita Halder

Renitaa Baruah

Juhi Sadiya

Lobzang Stanzin

Tenzin Naljor

UK TEAM, School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester

Dr Sandra Dudley

Margarida Melo

Margarida Melo

My name is Margarida Melo and I am a Distance Learning PhD student at the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. I work as a part-time learning officer/mediator at the Orient Museum in Lisbon, Portugal. I have a degree in History and my doctoral research has been looking into visitors’ engagement with museums, namely, exploring adult visitors’ sustained engagement and participation in Portuguese local museums. I am also interested in qualitative methodologies applied to museological research, particularly Narrative Inquiry.

Alex Woodall

Alex Woodall

My name is Alex Woodall and I am a PhD researcher in the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. My work explores sensory and imaginative engagements with objects in art galleries, and is based on over 10 years working within learning and interpretation roles in a variety of settings, including Manchester Art Gallery. I have also been a secondary school teacher and originally studied Theology. I am a Freelance Interpretation Consultant, and am a Trustee and Director for the UK Group for Education in Museums (GEM).

Oonagh Quigley

Oonagh Quigley

My name is Oonagh Quigley and I am a PhD researcher in the School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester. My PhD research seeks to enhance existing understandings of visitor engagements with displays in social history museums, utilising a phenomenological approach. I have studied and working in the museum field since 2007 and my passion is developing exhibitions and public programs that invite people to engage with the past.

Laura Crossley


One thought on “About the team

  1. Team from Rajasthan – Dr.Nikkee Chaturvedi, Shagufta Bajpai, Meenakshi Morya. Day One has been fascinating , getting to know the interest of the visitors pertaining to specific objects. Women were earnest about the details of fabrics and the designs of yesteryear were compared to the contemporary patterns. Menfolk were found to be immediately attracted towards the sports section displays of Jodhpurs, Fiery night Polo ball, Ganjifeh : the Dashavtara round playing cards.

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